Apple and Barnes & Noble Add Tales from Faerie

Nook and iPad/iPhone/iPod users now have a more convenient way to purchase Tales from Faerie: Not So Long Ago. Barnes & Noble has just listed it on their site, and Apple has now made it available on iTunes and the iBooks app. If you have been waiting for a more familiar store to purchase from, now is the time to do so.

If, on the other hand, you are waiting for print, you will be happy to know I am making progress on that front. The interior formatting is basically done, and the exterior is in progress. I expect that to be done by the end of the week. Submitting the book and getting it made available will take a little longer, of course.


Ebook Store Distribution Update

One of the advantages of publishing on Smashwords is that their team handles distribution to a number of other ebook stores, as well as selling it on their own site. Tales from Faerie: Not So Long Ago is now available on several of those other stores: Kobo, Diesel, Versent, and Inktera. (If you are not familiar with those stores, Kobo and Diesel focus on versatility and compatibility with a variety of devices; Versent and Inktera focus on Android-powered mobile devices.) My book has been sent to Apple, Sony, and Barnes & Noble as well, but their processing takes longer. I expect Tales from Faerie to appear on Barnes & Noble’s Nook store any day now. I am told Apple and Sony will probably take about a week longer.

If you’ve already bought Tales from Faerie, thank you, and please let others know if you’ve enjoyed it. If you haven’t bought it yet, take a look either at Smashwords or these new retailers.

Tales from Faerie Published

I am happy to announce that Tales from Faerie: Not So Long Ago has been published. It is currently available as an ebook in a variety of formats at, and will soon be distributed by them to other ebook stores such as Apple, Sony, and Barnes & Noble. For Kindle users, although Smashwords does not distribute to Amazon, you can still buy the book in Kindle (.mobi) format at Smashwords itself. All ebook formats cost only $4.99.

I hope to have a print edition of Tales from Faerie: Not So Long Ago ready soon.